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Our Mission
Many people find that after leaving an in-patient treatment center, reentering the “real world” can be quite difficult. In early recovery, we can easily become overwhelmed by the challenges we must face. Additional support, community, and structure from others living healthy lives serves as an excellent transitional aid.

At Recovery Placement Services we have a unique approach. We have found that when we focus on the principles of the twelve steps, we don’t need the level of control over residents that is typically found in these environments. Our primary concern is providing a safe and sober environment to addicts—both men and women.

Relapse can often be determined by the environment a recovering addict is exposed to. In order to remain drug and alcohol free, many addicts choose to change other aspects of their lives. This can include jobs, friends, areas they choose to live in, and social activities they participate in.

At Recovery Placement Services, you will have the support of an on-site resident manager and other housemates who understand exactly what you are going through.

Men and women who are faced with addiction and alcoholism are usually intelligent and talented individuals who are able to gain good employment.
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